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Painted Hills

SK8 Park

SK8 Park

Located in Pioneer Park and sitting in view of Mount Emily, Pioneer SK8 Park is extremely diverse with something for everyone, whether you're a ramp or a street skater. Included in the 15,000 square feet park are two spines, a half pipe, pyramid, banks, a vert extension, hips and plenty of transitions to bust.

For street skaters, there are four sizes of grinding ledges: one over a double set of ten stairs, one over a quarter piipe, one along a fun box and a small one over a four stair. There are also two slanted grinding ledges. 

Five square metal handrails differ in size and steepness: a low, steeo fun box, a medium size rail down a four stair and a fairly large handrail down one of the ramps. There are also three different sizes of flat rails and three grinding boxes.

Bicycles are also allowed to use the park. 

Contact Info

401 Palmer Ave
La Grande, OR