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Northeast Oregon

Northeast Oregon

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Northeast Oregon

Oregon’s Northeast corner has many faces. Most think of the extreme landscape—tall mountains, deep canyons, fast rivers and broad, flat valleys. In between, visit mixed forests, lush farmlands and rocky hills covered with sage and bunchgrass. Lively, art-centric towns draw culture-seeking tourists as well as those looking for fun at a slower pace, with a view. Native American heritage is an important part of this landscape. Winter, summer and months inbetween, outdoor recreation is everywhere you turn. Farm trails and plenty of homegrown foods and flavors abound.


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Motorcycle Tours & Events

It’s said that four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul. Whether Standard, Cruiser, Touring, Sport, or Dirt, motorcycles elicit a sense of adventure and even a little (or a lot) of rebellion from road warriors. The bond between machine and rider and […]

Road Trip through the Wild Wallowas with a Scenic Tour Towards Joseph

Roll into the wild and rugged Wallowas with a scenic tour through small towns loaded with beauty, arts and adventure on this road trip Located along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, Elgin sits in Indian Valley, nestled against a backdrop of mountains—the Wallowas to the east […]

Road Trip through Gold Mining History and to Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

Gold mining history, boomtown stories and the most spectacular views into the deepest canyon in Oregon define this road trip there’s Gold in the Hills Sumpter was founded as a gold rush town. This little place perched on the edge of the Blue Mountains exudes historical […]

Road Trip along the Grande Ronde Valley to the Elkhorn Mountain Range

Travel the beauty of the Grande Ronde Valley, journey south through Oregon Trail country, and land in the territory of the Elkhorn Range Named by an early French settler for its dramatic beauty, the city of La Grande lies east of the Blue Mountains and south […]

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