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Dayville Mercantile

Dayville Mercantile

The Dayville Mercantile Bike Shop is open and ready for business. Enjoy a full service shop with rentals (they have four Trek 8.5DS as well as four Trek 2.0 Domanes size). You can rent for a whole or a half day. They also have a two seater trailer and a Trail-a bike for rent. Please call in advance to reserve your rental equipment.  

Dayville Mercantile is a historic building located in Dayville, Oregon along Highway 26 and the Oregon Scenic Bikeway. Open 7 days a week, Dayville Mercantile has all your basic needs. You can find beer, liquor, hunting and fishing licenses, groceries, minor automotive items and plenty of gifts.

*One of the many stops along the John Day River Farm Trail 

Contact Info

207 W Franklin Ave
Dayville, OR