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Painted Hills

Bear Wallow Trailhead

Bear Wallow Trailhead

This is a gravel road and can be rough after the spring thaw. There is a loading ramp, hitch rails, and one restroom. A large number of hunters use this trailhead in the late summer and fall.

This site provides access to Standley Trail #1677, which enters Eagle Cap Wilderness. Standley Trail offers views of steep rocky mountain ranges framed by lush green valleys. The trail is very secluded as you travel along a forested ridge top. Most of the ridges are dry in the summer months so be sure to carry plenty of drinking water. The Standley Guard Station is an old cabin that was the site of range studies in the early 1900s. Sheep herds grazed in the area until recent years. The guard station cabin is in good condition, but is not for public use.

There are several trails that come together here, making this an excellent spot for a base camp. Connecting trails to the Minam River, North Minam River and Bear Creek can be accessed from the Standley Guard Station.

View a map of Standley Trail #1677 (PDF File)

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