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Painted Hills

The Wallowa Barn Tour

The Wallowa Barn Tour

Magnificent and rugged, this country holds a pioneer spirit that beckons a closer look. This self-guided driving tour extends from south of Joseph north to the Grande Ronde River canyon. Along the way, you'll see 21 well-preserved barns, three historic schools, welcoming little towns and stunning views of the wild Wallowa Mountains and dramatic river canyons. The tour also offers a bike route for cyclists. 

1.Arment Sunburst Barn 

2. L.W. Minor Barn 

3. Pfeaster Barn 

4. Chianne Cattle Ranch 

5. Norman Barn 

6. Harmon Barn 

7. Sunrise Barn 

8. Mawhin Barn 

9. Wade House & Barn 

10. Hammerstrom Barn (Haas Barn) 

11. Bobbit Barns 

12. Buckles Barn (Fisher Barn) 

13. Riverview Dairy Barn 

14. Marks Barn 15. Brennan Barn 

16. Octagon Barn 

17. Stickler Barns 

18. Lone Star Barn 

19. McClain Barn 

20. Knapper Barn 

21. Alford Barn 

22. Rudger Barn 

23. IRA Pace Barn 

24. Eggleson Barn 

25. Bauer Barn 

26. Brink Barn 

27. Green Family Barn 

28. Joseph Canyon Overlook

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