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Painted Hills

Rock Creek Lake Trailhead

Rock Creek Lake Trailhead

The Rock Creek Lake Trailhead is a very small rustic site with no amenities. The access road to the site is suitable for high clearance four wheel-drive vehicles only. You will pass Killamacue Trailhead on the way.

The steep and strenuous trail (#1626) provides an especially varied and scenic route to the heart of the Elkhorn range climbing through a forested slope in the first two miles and then skirting the eastern edge of Rock Creek basin.

Two large meadows interspersed with spruce/fir bogs fill this basin, providing ample campsite areas. Views of the basin and the West Fork Rock Creek drainage are displayed from the upper section of the trail. A smaller, seasonally wet meadow marks the approach to Rock Creek Lake.

The lake lies in a talus basin beneath Rock Creek Butte (9,105') and Spirit Rock. Snow pockets remain year-round on the southeast side of the lake.

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Baker City, OR