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Riddle Brothers Ranch National Historic District

Riddle Brothers Ranch National Historic District


Riddle Brothers Ranch is part of the historic context of pioneer settlement and the development of the livestock industry in the American West. Walter, Frederick, and Benjamin Riddle were three bachelor brothers who secured home sites and raised livestock in and around the ranch. Migrating from western Oregon, they settled in the early 1900s and built their ranch by gaining control of water in the area. In the late 1950s the Riddle brothers sold their ranch holding to Rex Clemens. In 1986 BLM purchased the property from Clemens and has since managed the ranch for its historic values.

Know Before You Go:

  • Driving access into the Ranch is generally permitted Wednesday-Sunday from mid-June through October. High clearance, four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. Access by foot, bicycle, or horseback is permitted anytime.
  • Amenities are few. A vault restroom is available, but drinking water, overnight use areas, cell phone service and other conveniences are not.
  • Avoid disturbing historical sites or artifacts. Leave these remnants of the past for others to enjoy.

Point of Interest:

Riddle Brothers Ranch was part of Oregon's last frontier. It is a uniquely preserved complex of buildings which give testimony to ranch life and living conditions "out back and beyond."

Brochure: riddlebrosranch_brochure.pdf

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