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Painted Hills

Moss Springs Trailhead

Moss Springs Trailhead

Moss Springs Trailhead is located near the Moss Springs Campground on the edge of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. provides access to Trail #1673, Trail #1919, Trail #1918, and Trail #1942.

The trailhead is popular with stock users as it offers a large stock vehicle parking area, loading ramp, feed bunks and holding facilities. Although the graveled forest road is a steep and narrow, many visitors enjoy the site to gain quick access to the Minam River Country.

From Moss Springs Trailhead you will travel through dense forested land, following the winding Little Minam and Minam Rivers. Dispersed camping sites are plentiful. You will find some good fishing spots along the way and observe the historic Horse Ranch along this route.

Printable information sheet and map about nearby trails (PDF File)

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