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Malheur National Forest

Malheur National Forest

The Malheur National Forest is a place of remote and rugged beauty located in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. With 1.7 million acres of public land; 2 designated wilderness areas; 1 national scenic area; 1 designated state bikeway; multiple scenic byways; thousands of miles of forest roads; and  hundreds of peaks, streams, and alpine lakes - the Malheur National Forest has a spectacular adventure waiting for everyone. Elevations vary from about 4000 feet (1200 meters) to the 9038 foot (2754 meters) top of Strawberry Mountain.

Winter has come to upper elevations across the Malheur National Forest. Anticipate varying degrees of snow and ice throughout the forest. Forest Service Roads and Recreation Sites are accessible at your own risk; much of the Forest is currently inaccessible to low clearance, two-wheel drive vehicles. If accessing upper elevations for overnight camping, monitor weather to insure you and your vehicle are able to make the return journey safely. Additionally, muddy and wash-boarded conditions are common throughout the Forest from now until spring.

Keep in mind the Malheur National Forest is exceptionally remote. Come prepared and self-sufficient. Route finding is necessary when exploring much of the forest, including many designated trails. Wildfires are common throughout late summer and early fall, so please, check with Forest staff for updates and restrictions.


Log haul routes to know about.

For current road conditions throughout the state please visit TripCheck.

If you are looking for snow depth and precipitation levels throughout the state please visit SnoTel.

Recreation Map

A map showing recreation areas.


Download FREE Topographic Maps of the Malheur National Forest here.


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