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Leslie Gulch

Leslie Gulch

Towering cliffs painted in desert hues and honeycombed rock formations sculpted over millions of years for the landscape of this remote region. The unique soils here support a number of rare plant species, including two that are only found in the Leslie Gulch Drainage. Mule deer, California bighorn sheep, Rocky mountain elk, coyotes, and bobcats all call this area home. The striking geology and unique opportunity to spot plant and wildlife make Leslie Gulch the perfect area to set up camp and get away from it all.

The Leslie Gulch Tuff makes up the bulk of the volcanic formations. The area is also home to more than 200 California bighorn sheep, reintroduced in 1965. The talus slopes and unique soils of Leslie Gulch support a number of rare plant species. Two annual species are found only in the Leslie Gulch drainage (Packard’s blazing star and Etter’s groundsel). Grimy ivesia, sterile milkvetch, and Owyhee clover are rare perennials found at a few isolated sites in the canyon.

Directions: Follow Highway 95 South, 59 miles from Ontario to the Leslie Gulch turnoff, then turn west on a dirt road and travel for about 25 miles.

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