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JO Paddle

Your Glacier Clear Adventure awaits you. JO Paddle specializes in providing a one of a kind recreational experience where guests have the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Wallowa Lake above AND below the surface. It’s a fun peaceful activity that’s great for everyone.

Experience The Glacier Clear Adventure Tours and Rentals

Glacier Clear Nighttime Adventure Tour

Imagine you are at 4372 feet elevation on a glacier formed lake with a mirror surface of the night sky and complete darkness with only the stars and moon lighting your way. JO Paddle creates a magical night by lighting up translucent kayaks with LED lights and an extra 600 Wt flood light to peer beneath the surface; giving you a glimpse of the over 300 feet deep lake. Learn fun new facts about the area including stories of the Wallowa Lake Monster ``Wallie" and great places to hike and eat in Wallowa County. 

Daytime Self Guided 3 Hour Kayak Tour/Rental:

Spend some quality time breathing in the clean mountain air, soaking up the warm sun on this majestic mountain lake. This self Guided tour is designed for our guests to kayak from the foot of Wallowa Lake to Wallowa Lake State Park end This amount of time gives our guests enough time to seek out natural treasures, graceful fish, and enormous car-sized boulders hidden beneath the surface while also enjoying an abundant amount of nature such as bald eagles, osprey, ducks and cranes and other wildlife along the ridge of this magical lake. 

Rental options include

New 3 hour Glacier Clear Stand Up Paddle Board rental. This SUP Board is completely translucent and gives you an amazing view beneath the service. This is just a fun way to spend your time on Wallowa Lake.

Other rental options include:

Glacier Feel Free Adventure -6 hour kayak rental (single or tandem)  

All day beach fun!! delivered to Wallowa Lake at 10:00am and picked up at 4:00pm

Take the stress out of your day, no more loading a bulky kayak on top of your car and traveling long distances reducing your space for luggage ..JO Paddle has you covered for a day on the beach without the hassle.