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Indian Rock Overlook

Indian Rock Overlook

The Indian Rock Overlook is situated at a viewpoint overlooks the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley.  The overlook structure was built by the combined efforts of USDA Forest Service and Army National Guard 1249th Engineering Battalion personnel. 

The Overlook is located near a major route traditionally used by Native Americans while transiting the Blue Mountains into the Grande Ronde Valley. 

Awe aptly describes the feeling when considering the length of supply and mail wagon routes as well as herds of pig, cattle and sheep, which regularly traveled the length of the valley from the ranches, orchards and settlements once scattered about upon the valley floor.

Visitors will enjoy inspiring views of crop fields set in a patchwork quilt pattern. The fields below are growing bearing mint, wheat, barley, alfalfa, sugar beets, safflower, grapes, and lavender.  

Across the valley towers the majestic Eagle Cap Wilderness. Let your imagination soar as you enjoy a picnic inside or outside of the shelter.

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