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Painted Hills

Gangloff Park

Gangloff Park

This hillside park offers a wonderful view of the city and the Grande Ronde Valley, and a great place for a picnic. Paved nature trail provides wheelchair access. The Native Plant Society is returning the park to pre-settlement and settlement era vegetation. The recently renovated log cabin was formerly located in La Grande's `Old Town.` The cabin, constructed early in this century from four salvaged older cabins, is an attractive reminder of the type of dwelling used by early settlers along the Oregon Trail.

Since 1991, the William Cusick Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon has been responsible for the development and maintenance of this special use park which is designed to be educational and informational. There is a paved walkway throughout the site, weaving through native plants and grasses reminiscent of those the pioneers found when they first passed through the area. Clemens' Cabin, a historic log cabin, was obtained by the Chamber of Commerce and moved to the park, adding to the ambience of the native gardens.

There are no restrooms as this site. 

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