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Painted Hills

Fly by Nyte Fishing Guide

Fly by Nyte Fishing Guide

This area is considered the premier Walleye fishing area of the Northwest. This is where the big ones and the state records are caught. Anyone who fishes this area for Walleye knows that there are only a few “good” Walleye fishing guides. Many list Walleye on their brochures but they will always try and talk you into fishing for something else.

Your guide Touché is considered by some to be the best there is at catching Walleye in this area. He is certainly one of the top 2 or 3 you’ll find anywhere in the Northwest. Touché even makes his own Walleye fishing rigs. They were once a secret here but the word got around and now they are being offered for sale all over. There is more to catching these Walleye than just the right rig though and if you spend a day or two with Touché he will teach you the secrets he has learned in his several years of fishing for trophy Walleye in this area.

In addition to guided trips for Walleye, Fly by Nyte Fishing Guide also offers Sturgeon and Steelhead fishing experiences.

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