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East Steens Mountain ; Pike Creek

East Steens Mountain ; Pike Creek

If snow or rain prevent you from getting up to the Steens, head east to the back side of the mountain where access is year- round

Approximately 1.5 miles north of Alvord Hot Springs, head west toward the mountain on a dirt road for 1 mile and look for the juniper tree growing out of a rock. Park here and close by you'll notice where the trail begins. It follows a very old jeep road for 1 mile and becomes a walking trail for another mile before petering out. Experienced trekkers can pick up the trail again further ahead where it eventually leads to a neat, established campsite. There are two creek crossings, which can be difficult to cross in early spring and after summer thunderstorms. Destinations along the trail are an old cabin, an old mine and the upper Pike Creek drainages. Look for deer, cougar and the ever-elusive bighorn sheep along the trail.

Length: 3 miles to the hidden campsite

Trail Rating: Difficult with an elevation gain of anywhere from 100 to 3,000 feet; Best time to hike: March- November

NOTE: Portions of the land in the Pike Creek drainage are private property, including the parking area near the trailhead. The public use of private lands is a privilege. Please respect private property and landowners thoughout your travels.

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