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Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

The springs offer something for everyone, whether it's swimming and romping in the waters, a relaxing escape or craving the solitude, or a perfect romantic getaway, you will find it here. How about being able to gaze at a vast, starry night sky as you relax those muscles in a natural hot springs with the dessert as your backdrop and the coyotes serenading you in the distance. Along with the relaxing quality of the hot springs, there are the numerous therapeutic benefits. The springs minerals nourish the body, the naturally charged heat relaxes the muscles and can even benefit those with stiffness, arthritis and inflammation.

Crane Hot Springs is located in the High Desert area of southeast Oregon. Sunny days, low humidity and cool nights are the common weather pattern. The average annual precipitation is under 12 inches, with about 1/3 falling in the form of snow. There are 260 sunny days per year, with a wide range of daily temperatures. Frost is common during any month.

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59315 Highway 78
Burns, OR