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Painted Hills



Some 20 million dollars in gold came from this wild and wooly gold mining town full of shootings, saloons and `sporting` ladies. Shortly after the gold was found in 1885, 1000 miners flocked to the town. In 1898 the town relocated a quarter mile to a new location, and it grew quickly. The mines faded, the town died, and by the 1970s only empty buildings remained. I don't know if they are still standing, or if the town has reverted from a class C to a B site. The town is in the Wallowa National Forest, 12 miles northwest of Halfway. Source: Ghost Town USA

Cornucopia Lodge offers modern cabins scattered in the woods and a comfortable and cozy lodge. Choose a delicious meal, specially prepared by the proprietor and featuring many local ingredients. Schedule a horseback ride into the wilderness or take a hike up the tumbling creek to view the mines. 


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Queen Mine Road
Halfway, OR